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LOGOS 3A KIT – Infrasonic Subwoofer Kit


Description ▴

The Logos 3A Kit infrasound subwoofer is crucial for adding physical sensation to the low-frequency effects in your favorite movies. With the Logos 3A Kit, you don’t just hear the sounds—you feel them resonate deeply within you.

Operating below 20 Hz, the Logos 3A Kit infrasub emits frequencies imperceptible to the human ear yet essential for experiencing the tactile sensations of scenes like plane takeoffs, earthquakes, or explosions. These low-frequency effects (LFE) require a dedicated channel for bass information alone, which conventional home theater speakers cannot adequately provide. Goldmund’s innovative infra subwoofer design enables this, seamlessly integrating into your home cinema to enhance your viewing with true-to-life physical impacts. This subwoofer operates between 10 Hz and 20 Hz (-10 dB), cleverly concealed under cinema stairs or behind seats.

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