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Enigma Veyron Subwoofer

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Description ▴

The Enigma Veyron Subwoofer is the ultimate active subwoofer developed by Kharma and is designed to seamlessly match sonically and aesthetically with the entire Enigma Veyron Collection, consisting of loudspeakers, (pre-) amplifiers, audio rack and cables. The massive Enigma Veyron Subwoofer is constructed of four centimetres thick Bulletwood and aluminium plates to form a very solid base for reproduction of an impressive tight bass. The bass is produced by an in-house developed 15-inch Subwoofer driver, with a Composite Sandwich cone. Just like other high-end audio products from the Enigma Veyron Collection, also the Enigma Veyron Subwoofer is placed on a Diamond stand for the perfect decoupling of its surroundings. The Subwoofer consists of modular levels, which can be stacked upon each other with a maximum of two levels in total. This restriction is required because of the limit of weight on the Diamond stand. The Enigma Veyron Subwoofer can be delivered with an integrated DSP or with a dedicated Enigma Veyron DSP module, which is based on the Enigma Veyron Audio Rack. The DSP module is recommended when you desire to use more than two subwoofers to support an Enigma Veyron loudspeaker.

Product Specifications ▾

System Active Subwoofer with internal DSP
Features Diamond stand
Driver15″ Carbon Sandwich subwoofer
Frequency range 17 Hz – 250 Hz
Maximum SPL 117 dB
Nominal power 200 Watt
Peak power 400 Watt


Circuit type Linear amplifier topology
Amplifier Freq. response  4 Hz to 180 kHz
Input impedance 10 kOhm
Output impedance 0 Ohm
THD+N -120 dB
IMD -120 dB
Damping factor > 2000
Gain 26 dB
Sensitivity 2.6 V
Connections1 balanced (female XLR) stereo input, 1 balanced (female XLR) direct input, 1 balanced (male XLR) mono output, Ethernet connector


Height 591 mm / 23.27 inch
Width 780 mm / 30.71 inch
Depth 687 mm / 27.05 inch

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