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LOGOS SUB WALL MK2 – Active Wall Subwoofer


Description ▴

The SubWall MK2 is a dynamic in-wall subwoofer crafted to enhance the Logos Wall of the Logos Access Wall in a home theater setup. It adeptly delivers the deep tones essential for the most intense soundtracks, ensuring they achieve their intended impact.

This subwoofer boasts 250 watts of integrated Telos amplification, enabling it to handle low frequencies with ease and accuracy. It features a 30 cm active driver and a 30 cm passive radiator, which together refine the bass response. Designed exclusively for in-wall use, the SubWall MK2 is concealed behind acoustically transparent materials that blend seamlessly with your home cinema’s aesthetic.

Product Specifications ▾


FREQUENCY RESPONSE 24 Hz (-6dB) / 20 Hz (-10 dB)
AMPLIFIER Built-In 300 W Telos
DRIVER 12” active driver
12” passive radiator
BASS LOAD 1 x passive radiator
INPUTS 1 x digital S/PDIF
OUTPUT 1 x digital S/PDIF
VOLTAGE Nominal range: 115 V or 230 V (+/-15 %)
Fuses: 8 A slow-blow type for 115 V & 230 V
SIZE & WEIGHT 33 W x 15 D x 99.5 L (cm) – cabinet.
39 W x 1 D x 101.5 L (cm) – front panel.
55 kg.

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