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Description ▴

Whether in music or movie soundtracks – the rhythmic beat of deep powerful bass resonates with our inner core and generates excitement levels that can raise goosebumps. The ASUB expands the sound dimension capabilities of the A5, A3, the A1 or any other speaker with thundering low-bass frequency reinforcement.

The ASUB features a fully braced aluminum enclosure, ultra-stiff aluminum cone, internal power amplification, electronic crossover and DSP control center. A true Magico loudspeaker design offering superb performance with extensive control and uncompromised engineering deserving of the Magico M engraving.

Product Specifications ▾

Speaker drivers 1 x 10” Bass Woofer
RCA Input Impedance 54K Ω
Sensitivity 54K Ω
XLR Input Impedance 44K Ω
Frequency Response 20-120 Hz
Dimensions  13″H x 12.7″D x 26″W (33cm x 32.25cm x 66cm)
Weight 108 lbs.  (49 kg)

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