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Shopping Guide

At Bliss Acoustics,
We always make sure your order is delivered with attention and care. Your order is usually attended within hours when it is placed, and may sometimes be shipped on the same day. Every order is double checked, and professionally packaged before we give to courier or customer. We take full responsibility, if we make any mistakes on customer’s order. However, Bliss Acoustics  is not liable for customer’s error. If you are not sure about the product you order, please contact us. We are always happy to assist.

Bliss Acoustics respect all authorized dealers, and DO NOT sell product with territory restrictions to areas with existing dealership(s). If you are not sure, we are more than happy to refer your valuable business to your local authorized dealer.

Pricing and Payment

All sales are final at Bliss Acoustics. Bliss Acoustics, our prices are illustrated in Canadian dollars, US dollars and Euro.  This is because we work with various distributors around the world. Due to the currency exchanges, we may change our price within a certain exchange rate range. Bliss Acoustics reserves the right to change the list price without notifications.

Bliss Acoustics accepts all major Credit Cards as a method of payment as well as Union Pay . We do not charge customers with any other fees. We also accept payments via Bank Transfer ,Money Order ,Certified Cheques or Interac Transfer from our customers. Please note : we DO NOT accept personal cheques . Orders will only be shipped upon receipt and clearance of full payment .

Canadian Taxes

All products sold in Ontario are subject to HST tax ( 13% ) , outside of Ontario products sold are subject to established tax rate for each Canadian province or GST ( 5% ) plus PST or HST for applicable province in cases when our specific brand(s) territory representation extends to other Canadian Provinces .

Product Warranty

All new accessories and equipments are sold with full manufacturer warranty.
Bliss Acoustics does not offer any expressed or implied warranties beyond those stated herein from the manufacturer. We are not responsible for any consequential or indirect damages incurred from improper use or handling (ie: static electricity, soldering, shorting, etc…) No warranty applies if the goods are in any way altered or modified after delivery by Bliss Acoustics or its courier.

It will be at the sole discretion of the manufacturer or distributor whether an item is to be repaired or replaced . The customer will be responsible for any shipping charges.

Shipping & Shipping Insurance

Bliss Acoustics ships via Canada Post , Purolator ,UPS ,FEDEX , DHL , or private freight companies of any size and weight in Canada. Special shipping request can also be arranged prior shipping, at the sole responsibility and expense of purchaser.

We, at Bliss Acoustics, are professionals when it comes to packing and shipping, and we do our best to ensure order arrives safely into every happy customer’s hands. However, Bliss Acoustics is not liable for shipping damage or package shipped lost by the shipping courier. We recommend shipping insurance on shipment. In the case of shipping damage or loss, Bliss Acoustics is responsible to help customer to file insurance claim and follow ups. However, it becomes the responsibility of the shipping courier to investigate before issuing a claim payment, it may be a lengthy process. Bliss Acoustics reserves the right NOT to make replacement shipment or refunds, before the claim process is fully completed.

Pickup can be arranged during regular office hours.