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Description ▴

The Ultimate Powered Subwoofer.

Whether listening to the lowest pipe organ note at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City or the earthshaking steps of a dinosaur in the movie Jurassic Park- the TITAN 15 is designed to reproduce low frequency sounds with realistic force and energy. Setting a new benchmark in powered subwoofer design, the TITAN 15 features a sophisticated control center, dual-opposed force cancelling driver arrangement with a massive, sealed aluminum enclosure. This superlative subwoofer design extends beyond the bandwidth of human hearing (>20Hz) into infrasonic levels and expands the dimensional sound field in any room space with unparalleled low bass performance.

Product Specifications ▾

Driver Complement 2 x 15” TITAN Bass Drivers
Frequency Response 10 Hz –150 Hz
Amplifier Power 4,800W on 120v and 6,500W on 230v.
Input impedance 45 K ohm
Dimensions 22″ (65cm) H x 30″ (76cm) D x 22″ (65cm)
Weight 390 lbs.

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