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RM 60 BAL (240v Input)


Description ▴

The RM Series offers the maximum performance, protection and power capability in standard 120V configuration. Like all Torus Power models, the RM offers Series Mode Surge Suppression, noise filtration and complete isolation. With an elegant brushed aluminum faceplate, this component complements any high end audio video installation. This model has 10 rear panel outlets, enabling all audio video system components to be easily connected.

Product Specifications ▾

RM 20 BAL RM 40 BAL RM 60 BAL RM 100 BAL
Design Isolation / Noise Suppression / Noise Filtration
Output Current 20 Amps 40 Amps 60 Amps 100 Amps
Outlets 10 TBA 18 24
Configuration RMBLK / CSSIL / CSBLK
Color Silver / Black
Weight (lb) 79 TBA 155 220

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