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Power Zone – 3.10 20A


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Introducing Gryphon PowerZone, a revolutionary advancement in audio technology that redefines the very essence of signal processing. Unlike any other power conditioner on the market, Gryphon PowerZone introduces a groundbreaking approach to enhancing the signal passing through it, courtesy of the pioneering HafnerTech™️ developed by the visionary Paul Hafner, Founder of Quantum Acoustics SRL.

At the heart of Gryphon PowerZone lies the HafnerTech™️ conductor modules, meticulously engineered to optimize the flow of current within the signal path. By leveraging adapted crystalline structures, these modules facilitate an undisturbed vibrational flow of electrons, thereby minimizing spurious resonances and distortions. The result? A neutral, optimized environment through which AC power can pass without introducing any additional noise or heat, ensuring a pristine audio experience.

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