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    Super HL5Plus...

    - Stand Mount $8,500.00
    In Walnut finish, brilliant example of famous "British sound", numerous reviews(Stereophile, The Absolute Sound, Part-Time Audiophile ...).Condition as new!
    KAYA S12

    - Bookshelf $8,500.00
    In Black Finish, "An absolute must audition",(Stereophile, March 2022), "Extraordinary".
    Int One Mk II

    - Integrated $14,000.00
    Improving on the Int One proved quite a challenge. Lifting the level of performance significantly within the physical restrictions of the chassis was not only difficult, but at times also seemed impossible. And why is that? The Int One mkII differentiates from the previous model by having the pre-amp stage completely redesigned; now being fully balanced which offers overall greater gain, it also offers a higher bandwidth support with almost triple the volume sensitivty settings allowing you listen at levels from -79dB to +13dB. This greatly increases the range of what type of rooms the Int One mkII supports: anything from now larger rooms to even smaller and dampened rooms, as sound quality and noise levels has not been compromised at either lower or higher volume settings.
    R-3 Avant...

    - Floorstanding $15,500.00
    in Italian Walnut, 2022 Editors Choice by The Absolute Sound, revolutionary Freedom Grounding Concept, hand-built in Denmark ...As new Condition.
    KAYA K45

    - Floorstanding $24,000.00
    in Oyster Matte finish, distributor's Demo, few blemishes (pricing will reflect that) but another exceptionally sounding design from Lawrence Dickie.High-End loudspeaker of the Year 2018, reviews in Stereo+, Enjoy the Music.com, Home Theatre High Fidelity, Stereophile, Soundstage Ultra...
    10th ANNIV...

    Speakers $62,400.00
    One of 50 available, ready for delivery.Brand New!