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Phono (MKIII)


Description ▴

These exceptional tube phono enhancers allow on-the-fly selection of the entire range of phono equalization curves used by prominent record labels throughout history. In addition, we have implemented subtle tone control facilities to compensate for sound degrading artifacts which may have been introduced during the recording or cutting process of a given record. The Enhancer’s unique tone control circuitry shapes the playback deemphasis curve itself, within wide limits, without the use of any clumsy conventional tone control circuitry. Bass, mid-bass and treble are independently variable by means of rotary knobs.

Product Specifications ▾

the output resistance of the Enhancer is low
enough to drive long interconnect cables and power
amplifiers with input impedances as low as 10,000 ohms
without compromising sound quality. Moreover, enough
amplification is provided by the Enhancer to drive our
F2A11 Integrated Amp directly (avoiding the need
of additional line amplification) provided the speaker
efficiency is sufficiently high, as is the case with both
of our speaker models, and the cartridges used on
any MC or MM level input will output not less than
0.35mV or 1mV respectively.

For more information please check user manual

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