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Loudspeaker 2, 2CD12 (97db)


Description ▴

Based on a two-way design featuring two treble horns (a main horn and a super tweeter connected in parallel) and offers very uniform wide-band response and very high efficiency within a modestly sized cabinet. Carefully mated to the horns on the low end is a 12″ bass transducer with light paper cone loaded by a quarter-wavelength tube, which provides powerful low-distortion bass reproduction. The speaker exhibits the effortless and ‘live’ sound which only horn based constructions can attain, and yet manages the seamless coherency of the best single cone point-source transducers. We believe that our 2CD12 MKII speaker offers a stunningly realistic sound that will easily measure up to the expectations of even the most experienced and critical music enthusiast.

Product Specifications ▾

The upper five octaves of the audio band are covered
by the main horn. This horn has a so-called constant
directivity (CD) geometry, made famous by the
seventies of the last century. CD-horns are unique
in providing an even frequency response over a very
wide dispersion area. Whereas alternative horn
geometries tend to “beam” sound toward the listener,
especially at high frequencies, CD horns enlarge
the “sweet spot” to such a degree that realistic timbres
and a convincing sound stage will be enjoyed from
practically any location in your listening room.
Amazingly, our speaker provides near-perfect sound
even when turned sidewards to the listener.

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