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Description ▴

“Exclusive. Danish. Peak performance. That’s how audiophiles view Flemming Rasmussen’s prestigious Gryphon Audio Designs brand.” Few High End manufacturers on either side of the electronics/loudspeaker divide have even attempted to bridge that gap. Fewer still have managed to do electronics and speakers equally well and be widely acknowledged as masters in both fields. In less skilled hands, a loudspeaker system consisting of 38 drive units spread across four 237 cm tall towers could very easily turn into a Frankenstein’s monster science project. But precisely because the Gryphon design team is equally at ease with transducers as with amplification, they – perhaps uniquely – possess the necessary prowess and ambition to pull off the formidable feat that is the Gryphon Kodo four-tower reference loudspeaker system.

Product Specifications ▾

X-over 4-way
Constant Phase principle YES
Woofer Box type Sealed
Bass Drivers/numbers pr. side 8″ / 8 pcs
Midrange (high) Drivers pr. side 4.5″ / 4 pcs
Midrange (low) Drivers pr. side 5.5″ / 6 pcs
Tweeter/principle Air Motion
Frequency Response, -3dB (room dependent) 16Hz – 25kHz
Sensitivity, SPL, 1m, 1W 96dB
Nominel Impedance 4 ohm
Crossover Frequencies, Duelund principle 50Hz, 700Hz, 2.5kH
Speaker input terminals, pr. channel 1 set

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