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Description ▴

Magico’s flagship loudspeaker, the incomparable M9, was as much a tour de force engineering exercise as a finished product. The knowledge distilled and technological advances gained in the M9 development have been applied to the new S3 which reaps the rewards of those monumental efforts. With new state-of-the-art R&D capabilities, we set out to redesign the S3 Mk II loudspeaker to achieve audible improvements in every parameter. With new enclosure, drivers, and coupling system, the S3 accomplishes far more than the initial design brief. The technologies and construction techniques leveraged in the new S3 achieve a purity of sound and measured performance that surpassed our expectations. The new Magico S3 shatters the boundaries of performance for a speaker in its class. NOTES: Softec Finish – US$45500 (CAN $63700), Gloss Finish US$52500(CAN $73500).

Product Specifications ▾

Drivers 1 1.1” MB5FP pure Beryllium, Diamond coated tweeter
1 5” Gen 8 Midrange driver
2 9” Gen 8 Bass driver
Impedance 4 Ω
Sensitivity 88dB
Frequency Response 24 Hz – 50 KHz
Recommended Power 50 – 750 Watts
Dimensions 44H” x 17D” x 12W” (17” outrigger)
Weight 222 lbs

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