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Rouge SUT


Description ▴


Designed and built by Luna Cables in Canada the Luna Rouge SUT provides a holographic sound, rendering complex warm tones and rich timbres with a most detailed, natural, and musical flow. This SUT allows your MC cartridge to express itself in a way that most active MC stages can only hint at.

​ The stereo-mono switch is useful for cartridge set-up and allows the listener to enjoy their entire vinyl collection as they want it.


Some select vintage components are considered as the “Holy Grail” in the audio industry. One example is the original production Western Electric 300B vacuum tube. The transformers used in our Rouge SUTs were built long ago, with unique techniques and materials that are superior to what we can find on the market today. Because we are a small company we can allow ourselves to be quite selective, offering our clientele sonic qualities that are superior to anything in current production. These transformers are encased in a combination of mahogany and walnut, chosen after many hours of listening and inspired by guitar construction.

Product Specifications ▾

Primary 3 Ohm
Secondary 1.65k Ohm
Ration 1:20
Dimensions W-125mm D-100mm H-70.4mm
Weight 1.3kg

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