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Enigma Veyron EV-5D

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Description ▴

The Enigma Veyron Collection is known as the ultimate in high-end audio design, varying from the grand EV-1D to the modest sized Enigma Veyron 5D. Even though the Enigma Veyron 5D is the smallest in the Collection it also incorporates all the technologies from the Enigma Veyron Collection. Such as the in-house developed Kharma Omega-F driver, Diamond tweeters, Bulletwood cabinet and Diamond spike disk suspension system. The EV-5D is easily capable of filling up big listening rooms with spacious, natural and detailed sound. Striving for maximum potential and perfection in a modest sized cabinet. Thereby combining aesthetic beauty with high-end audio desires.

One of the unique features of the Enigma Veyron Collection is the Diamond spike disk suspension system, which incorporates Carborundum balls placed on Diamonds. The Diamond suspension disk system is created to decouple the loudspeakers from its surroundings and creating a very minimum contact surface and ultimate freedom of resonances.

Product Specifications ▾

System: 3.5-way system
RMS Power: 300 Watt
Program Power: 600 Watt
Frequency range: 25 Hz – 90 kHz
Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohm
Minimal Impedance: 3.5 Ohm
Efficiency 2.83V / 1m: 91 dB
Maximum SPL: 115 dB


High frequencies: 1x 1″ Diamond concave tweeter, 1x 2″ Diamond concave tweeter
Mid / Low frequencies: 2x 7″ Kharma Omega-F driver 


Width: 370 mm
Depth: 700 mm
Height: 1200 mm

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