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Enigma Veyron EV-1D

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Description ▴

The Kharma Enigma Veyron system is currently the most advanced high-end audio system in the world, with the Enigma Veyron 1D being the ultimate. The Enigma Veyron 1D is fully equipped with the in-house developed Omega-F drivers and have the biggest Diamond tweeter cone surface ever produced. The EV-1D is equipped with Diamond lotus flower, consisting of 8 Diamond tweeters of 25mm and 50mm. This new level of sound quality is reached in a completely new designed Collection, consisting of loudspeakers, electronics and cables. All loudspeakers of the Enigma Veyron Collection are built out of 100mm thick 5-axis CNC-machined Bulletwood parts for the cabinet. Although this is very massive material, the Enigma Veyron 1D and other loudspeakers from the Collection are still very elegant.

Product Specifications ▾

System Virtual point source 4-way system
RMS Power 1000 Watt
Program Power 2000 Watt
Frequency range 23 Hz – 90 kHz
Nominal impedance 4 Ohm
Minimal impedance 2.3 Ohm
Efficiency 2.83V/1m 97 dB
Maximum SPL 127 dB


High frequencies 4x 1″ Diamond concave tweeter, 4x 2″ Diamond concave tweeter
Mid frequencies 2x 7″ Kharma Omega-F driver
Low frequencies 4x 11″ Kharma Omega-F driver


Height 2270 mm / 89.37 inch
Width 560 mm / 22.05 inch
Depth 920 mm / 36.22 inch

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