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Enigma Veyron Cables

Starting from CA$16,875.00

Description ▴

The Enigma Veyron Cable Collection breaks all boundaries in high-end audio design. This collection goes far beyond imagination and has to be heard to he believed. Passionate craftsmanship is used to create this ultimate level, making no compromises and giving everything we’ve got!

The highest attention to detail can be found in the Enigma Veyron Collection, where no compromises are made. Also in the Enigma Veyron Cable Collection no compromises have been made on the technology and the aesthetic beauty. The sleeves are made from the finest dark-brown embroidered genuine leather and have dark-brown anodized end parts with Rosé-Gold trimming. But don’t get confused, these aesthetic elements also have their own function by reducing external vibrations and protecting the internal cable without compromise.

Product Specifications ▾


Loudspeaker Cable Model KLC-EV-1.0
Minimal length 2 meter
Connection Spades
 Interconnect Cable Mode lKIC-EV-1.0 or KDC-EV-1.0
Minimal length 1 meter
Connection XLR or RCA
Power Cable Model KPC-EV-1.0
Minimal length 2 meters
Connection EU or US / IEC or IEC HC

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