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Elegance dB7


Description ▴

With a full pallet of different kinds of technological improvements and detailed knowledge, the Elegance dB7 / dB7-S has been created as a renewed Dutch masterpiece.

The Elegance dB7 / dB7-S is known as the successor of the Ceramique 3.2 FE, which was introduced in 1998. The 3.2 FE has been improved in many detailed fields, including the drivers, connectors and internal cabling. Due to the compact size of the Elegance dB7 / dB7-S, the bass produced is even more impressive. Combining these technological improvements with an elegant design and detailed trimmings, makes the dB7 / dB7-S easily blend in every living room.

When there is an -S included at the end of the model name, a Signature treatment is applied. This treatment refers to cabinet and driver upgrades. Curious what this treatment is?

Product Specifications ▾

SPECIFICATIONS Type EL-dB7-1.1 / EL-dB7-1.1-S
System 2-way
RMS power 150 Watt
Program power 300 Watt
Frequency range 29 Hz – 30 kHz
Nominal impedance 4 Ohm
Efficiency 2.83V/1m 88 dB
Maximum SPL 110 dB


High frequency 1x 1″ True Beryllium tweeter
Mid & low frequency – Standard version2x 7″ Kharma Composite driver
Mid & low frequency – Signature version2x 7″ Kharma Omega-7 driver


Height 1011 mm / 39.80 inch
Width 358 mm / 14.09 inch
Depth 586 mm / 22.95 inch

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