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ZaZen Series


Description ▴

ISOLATION PLATFORM FOR TURNTABLES AND HI-FI COMPONENTS IsoAcoustics is excited to introduce the latest addition to the award winning family of isolation products from IsoAcoustics. The zaZen provides a sleek, stable isolation platform with a low noise floor, designed for turntables and audio components. The name zaZen is from Zen Buddhism and refers to sitting in peaceful meditation. Fittingly, the zaZen isolation platform provides a low noise floor that allows listeners to tune in, zone out, and discover the finer details they’ve been missing in their music.
Model Dimensions(WxDxH) Price
Zazen I 17” x 15” x 1.2 $259.99
Zazen II 17” x 15” x 1.4 $298.99

Product Specifications ▾

zaZen I

Width 17”(432mm)​
Depth 15” (381mm)​
Height 1.2” (30mm)​
Weight Capacity​ 25lbs (11.3kg)​

zaZen II

Width 17”(432mm)​
Depth 15” (381mm)​
Height 1.4” (34mm)​​
Weight Capacity​ 40lbs (18.1kg)​

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