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OREA Series


Description ▴

Using the same patented technology as the GAIA and Aperta series, the OREA achieves the highest degree of vibration isolation and energy management allowing new levels of sound clarity and openness when used with amplifiers, DAC’s, CD players, turntables and more. ISOOREA-BORDEAUXOrea BordeauxUnit$99.99
SKU Model Quantity Price
ISOOREA-GRAPHITE Orea Graphite Unit $54.99
ISOOREA-BRONZE Orea Bronze Unit $59.99
ISOOREA-INDIGO Orea Indigo Unit $79.99

Product Specifications ▾

OREA Graphite


Dimensions (WxDxH)  1.6″x1.1″ (40x27mm)​
Tilt No
Weight Capacity 4lbs (1.8kg) per unit​
Quantity 1 Unit (Single)​

OREA Bronze


Dimensions (WxDxH) 2″x1.1″ (50x29mm)​
Tilt No
Weight Capacity 8lbs (3.6kg) per unit
Quantity 1 Unit (Single)​

OREA Indigo


Dimensions (WxDxH) 2.3″x1.3″ (58x33mm)​
Tilt No
Weight Capacity 16lbs (7.2kg) per unit
Quantity 1 Unit (Single)​

OREA Bordeaux


Dimensions (WxDxH) 2.6″x1.4″ (67x36mm)​
Tilt No
Weight Capacity 32lbs (14.5 kg) per unit​
Quantity 1 Unit (Single)​

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