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Description ▴

TOOL DESIGNED TO RAISE THE SIDE OF A SPEAKER The installation of the GAIA-TITAN’s on heavy floor standing speakers is no challenge when using the F1 Speaker Jack from IsoAcoustics. The F1 Jack is a tool designed to raise the side of a speaker to allow access underneath for the installation of the IsoAcoustics GAIA and GAIA-TITAN isolators. The over square shape of the F1 Jack frame allows the speaker to remain in the raised position while the F1 Jack handle is positioned flat on the floor. The F1 Speaker jack consists of 3-parts which include a protective floor plate, a 2-part stainless steel handle and a solid stainless steel F1 Jack frame. The F1 Speaker jack comes in a carrying case for easy transport.

Product Specifications ▾

Weight 1.00 lbs
Color Options Black

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