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TELOS 8800 – Mono


Description ▴

The new Telos 8800 mono amplifier is one of the most powerful amplifiers in the world, featuring 4 separate electronic boards to maximise system stability. Telos 8800 sets a new standard for performance, with unrivalled power and revolutionary innovations that redefine the listening experience. This latest amplifier features a silver-metallised MKP polypropylene film capacitor, providing an exceptionally stable power supply for the Mosfet output stage, guaranteeing optimal stability even for demanding 1 Ω loads.

Product Specifications ▾


OUTPUT POWER Maximum power (IEC60065): 1400 Wrms on 8 Ω / 1 % THD
DAMPING FACTOR 600 at 1 kHz / 8 Ω
DISTORTION IMD (SMPTE), unloaded: < 0.01 %
THD+N, unloaded: < 0.005 % from 20 Hz to 20 kHz at 30 Vrms output
OUTPUT FLOOR NOISE Analog input terminated with RCA Shorting Caps, unloaded: < 3 μV from
20 Hz to 20 kHz
GAIN 35 dB, +/- 9 dB (adjustable in steps of 3 dB for each input)
INPUT Max level before clipping
Analog input: 2 Vrms
Digital input: 0 dBFS
OUTPUT Max level before clipping
1 % THD, unloaded: 300 Vpp
POWER SUPPLY Nominal line voltage: 115 V or 230 V
Input voltage range: +/- 5 %
REAR PANEL Power cord: universal socket 3 lugs, 16 A
Main fuses
AC black GND binding post (with bridge connection)
Green-yellow AC earth binding post (with bridge connection)
2 x output binding posts (red & black)
1 x output speaker Lemo 4B type connector
Analog input RCA unbalanced connector
Analog input XLR balanced connector
Digital input and output RCA connectors
RS232 command connector
RATED POWER CONSUMPTION IEC 60065, 1/8 Output Power at 8 Ω: 750 W
DYNAMIC RANGE 22 kHz measurement bandwidth (flat), true RMS unloaded: 117 dB
42 W x 113 H x 47 D (cm)
265 kg per unit
COLOUR Black | Silver Grey

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