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Trapeze Ri – 3-way Floorstanding Speaker


Description ▴

Standing waves are an enemy of perfect sound. The Trapeze Reimagined incorporates a number of design techniques to create a cabinet that effectively eliminates them. The acoustic centers of each driver are aligned to make sure the pure 6 dB/octave technology functions exactly as it should. The speaker is angled toward the listener yet remains parallel to the back wall, adding a subtle dash of timeless elegance to any room. The Trapeze Reimagined goes far beyond the sound, representing timeless Danish design that never goes out of style. The cabinet itself is crafted from hardwood high density board, hand veneered for an uncompromising fit and finish, and generously braced for low distortion and coloration.

Product Specifications ▾

Nordic Oak – New to the Store , Black Ash, White Silk, Italian Walnut

Tweeter type 3800 mm2 Audiovector SEC AMT
Midrange High resolution 5” Neodynium
Bass Drivers
High Power 12-inch with 4” Voice coil
Frequency Range 23Hz -53kHz
88 dB
Nominal Impedance
6.5 ohms
X-over Frequencies 500 Hz / 3000 Hz
Power Handling 450 W
Height / Width / Depth 34.5” x 16.5” x 17.1”
Weight: 25 Kg per speaker

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