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F2a11 Integrated Amplifier


Description ▴

The amplifier is built with meticulous hand construction using our proven point-to-point wiring techniques, whereas much care has been taken in arranging each aspect of the internal construction to ensure low noise performance, ease of service and the highest reliability for many years to come. Although reasonably priced, the F2a11 Integrated shares the non-compromise approach with our larger mono amplifier models.

Product Specifications ▾

– Vacuum Tube MOSFET Hybrid Integrated Amplifier with 20 watts of output power per channel (into a 6 ohm load).

– Driving capability for critical loudspeaker loads due to very low output impedance (high damping factor).

– Ultimate sonic excellence on par with no-compromise all-tube single-ended triode amplifiers, yet without involving exotic and costly power tubes.

– Unique minimalist zero-feedback EHT schematic: single-ended triode vacuum tube gain stage driving a unity-gain MOSFET output buffer operated in single-ended (class-A) mode with high idle current.

– Total avoidance of protection circuitry.

– 4 line level inputs (2×4 RCA jacks) with equal gain manually selectable via rotary dial.

– Remote volume control via high-grade motor driven dual potentiometer with excellent channel balance and low angle sensitivity (to allow for conveniently fine volume adjustment).

– High grade electrolytic capacitors made in Germany in the power supply.

– Low noise low leakage dual-coil C-Core mains transformer made in-house for North America 120v.

– Full hand construction, point-to-point wiring throughout.

– Non-magnetic aluminum casework, anodized printing on front and rear panel, powder-coated lids.

– Dimensions 434x450x184 mm, 184=20 (feet)+134+30 (tubes over case),
450=434+16 (speaker binding posts), weight 18Kg.

– Dimensions of the shipping crate: 650 x 650 x 350 mm.

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