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Eht integrated amplifier


Description ▴

The new 2023 Hybrid Triode Integrated Amplifier (EHT Integrated MKII) offers 2×20 watts of output power into a 6 ohm load combined with very low output resistance (high damping factor). Such providing excellent drive capability for loudspeakers with medium to low efficiency or with critically low impedance which may present a challenge for our all-tube single-ended triode amplifier models. While offering the same level of ultimate sonic excellence – yet without involving exotic and costly power tubes.

Product Specifications ▾

The EHT Integrated comprises 4 inputs (RCA jacks) with equal gain status selectable via rotary dial. Furthermore, the amplifier features a proprietary remote volume control (based on a high grade motor-driven dual-potentiometer) presented with typical THÖRESS style and attention to detail. The potentiometers are made to our specifications for low angle sensitivity (conveniently fine volume adjustment!) by
ALPS in Japan. Each individual part is selected from a production batch for exceptionally good channel balance by careful measurement (0.3dB tolerance).

The amplifier is built with meticulous hand construction using our proven point-to-point wiring techniques, whereas much care has been taken in arranging each aspect of the internal construction to ensure low noise performance, ease of service and the highest reliability for many years to come. The EHT Integrated is an ultimatecomponent in every sense and as such a perfect complement to our Parametric Phono Equalizer (Phono Enhancer). Particularly when combined with our under-hung voice-coil 1D66 or horn based 2CD12 loudspeaker the sonic presentation of the amplifier is of the utmost refinement and will certainly meet the expectations of even the most critical and experienced music lover.

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