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Eht hybrid mono amplifier pr.


Description ▴

THÖRESS is very pleased to announce the introduction of the Hybrid Triode Mono Amplifier (EHT Monoblock), our latest achievement. The most powerful amplifier model of our product line provides 30, 40 or 50 watts of output power into a 8, 6 or 4 ohm load respectively, combined with very low output resistance (high damping factor). Such providing excellent drive capability for loudspeakers with medium to low efficiency or with critically low impedance which may present a challenge for our all-tube single-ended triode amplifier models. While offering the same level of ultimate sonic excellence without involving exotic and costly power tubes!

Product Specifications ▾

– Vacuum Tube MOSFET Hybrid Power Amplifier offering 30, 40 or 50 watts of output power into a 8, 6 or 4 ohm loudspeaker load respectively, utilizing two vacuum tubes (6J5GT and 1x12HG7).
– Ultimate sonic excellence on par with no-compromise all-tube single-ended triode amplifiers, yet without involving costly exotic power tubes.
– Excellent driving capabilities for critical loudspeaker loads due to very low output
impedance (high damping factor).
– Unique zero-feedback EHT schematic: single-ended triode gain stage followed by a unity-gain vacuum tube buffer driving a unity-gain single-ended MOSFET output stage operated (class-A) at high idle current.
– Total avoidance of sound degrading protection circuitry.
– On-the-fly selectable gain via 6-position rotary switch on the rear panel, 2 of which positions are assigned with subtle bass boost presets.
– High grade electrolytic capacitors made in Germany in the power supply.
– Low noise dual-coil C-Core mains transformer made in-house for 230Vac (115Vac via jumper setting), 100Vac (Japan), 120Vac (USA, Canada), 220Vac (South Korea, China, Thailand, Indonesia), 240Vac (UK) or 245 Vac (Australia).
– Full hand construction, point-to-point wiring throughout.
– Nonmagnetic aluminum casework, front and rear panel with anodized printing, powder-coated lids.
– Dimensions 434x454x184 mm, 184=20 (feet)+134+30 (tubes over case),
454=434+20 (speaker binding posts),
Dimensions of the shipping crate: 650 x 650 x 350 mm, weight 15Kg.

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