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Dual function preamplifier


Description ▴

(headphone output + remote / line inputs)   The preamplifier is entirely based on SINGLE-ENDED ZERO-FEEDBACK schematics. Decidedly ignoring the fact that many music lovers persistently believe in the myth that balanced technology (and the associated cable configuration with XLR connectors) is generally superior over single-ended concepts. Readers who want to learn more about our view on balanced techniques and our general design approach are encouraged to read the paper (THÖRESS – Behind the Curtain) available on request. In view of our commitment to single-ended design principles, the exclusive use of RCA jacks for signal input and output was obligatory.

Product Specifications ▾

– Vacuum tube line control and headphone driving amplifier.

– Both functions performed by the same unique minimalist single-ended zero-feedback circuit utilizing 2x12J5GT+2x12GN7 or 2x6J5GT+2x12GN7 tubes.

– 6x line level inputs, 3x26dB + 2x18dB + 1x10dB gain (2×6 RCA jacks).

– 3x paralleled master outputs with very low output resistance (2×3 RCA jacks).

– 2x toggle-selectable headphone outputs (2×6.35mm jack sockets).

– Remote volume control via motor-driven dual-potentiometer with excellent channel balance and low angle sensitivity for conveniently fine volume adjustment.

– Four on-the-fly selectable tone control presets entangled with a 6dB gain attenuator implemented via 6-position rotary dial (GT selector).

– Full hand construction, point-to-point wiring throughout.

– Ultra low noise and low leakage mains transformer manufactured in-house for 230Vac (115Vac via jumper setting), 100Vac (Japan), 120Vac (USA, Canada), 220Vac (South Korea, China, Thailand, Indonesia), 240Vac (UK) or 245 Vac (Australia).

– Nonmagnetic aluminum casework, front and rear panel with anodized printing, powder coated lids, dimensions: 434x434xH154mm,154=134+20/footers.

– Dimensions of the crate: 650x650x350 mm. Shipping weight 11.7Kg.

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