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Apex Stereo


Description ▴

Gryphon Apex: The Pinnacle of Performance It has always been Gryphon’s mission to achieve the highest possible audio performance. in terms of sheer musicality, transparency and realism. With Apex Mono and Apex Stereo, Gryphon Audio Designs elevates pure Class A power amplification a titanic leap above what was previously considered possible. Gryphon Apex takes us several crucial steps closer in the never-ending quest for a more natural and convincing musical illusion. Years of experience developing Antileon EVO and Mephisto, as well as ongoing research in the fields of circuit topology, component quality and reliability have culminated in Apex: the new flagship amplifier of the Gryphon Audio Designs brand.

Product Specifications ▾

Noise, unweighted 20-20kHz < -80dBV
Noise, A-weighted < -86dBV
THD+N < 0,02%, 50W @ 8Ω
IMD (DFD) < 0,02%, 50W @ 8Ω
Output impedance 0,015Ω
Bandwidth (-3dB) 0,3Hz to 330kHz
Gain +31,0dB
input level 1,16Vrms
Input Impedance, balanced (20-20kHz) 20kΩ
Power consumption (Maximum) 3700W
Power consumption (Idle) Bias H: 1000W / Bias M: 660W / Bias L: 320W
Power consumption (Standby) < 0,5W
AC inlets 2 sockets for power cords with C19 receptacle
Dimensions WxHxD:59,3×37,1×88,6 cm, 202kg net.

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