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Edelweiss Series – USB-X4 Digital Anti Jitter Interface


Description ▴

This simple USB to PLINK interface is designed to isolate any USB source from the sensitive DAC via our high quality, synchronous fiber optic PLINK connection. It borrows this concept from it’s bigger brother, the MPS-X, which is not just limited to the USB interface like the USB-X4, but also includes a variety of other interfaces and features as well (see MPS-X product page for more details). Any digital source with a USB host interface can connect to the USB-X4 which then is connected to any of our DACs(*1) through PLINK. All asynchronous clocks that are mandated by the USB interface standard and any other digital noise from the source are therefore kept from entering the DAC where they would always cause some audible deterioration. Asynchronous data streams from the USB source are carefully filtered with our PDFAS algorithm and synchronized to an internal high quality audio clock. This results in a dramatic sonic improvement when compared to a direct USB connection to the DAC. The sound stage becomes even more defined, the performance even more liquid and overall more “analog-like”. A valuable addition to any of our products.

Product Specifications ▾

Digital input: 1x USB-B (PCM up to 384kHz, DSD up to 11.2MHz)
Digital output: 1x PLINK propiretary optical link.
-Recording software for file creation on computer

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