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Description ▴

Elektra is a very sophisticated, over-engineered Full Dual Mono DAC with the latest and most special components used today. Elektra is based on 8 AKM latest generation DAC chips (4/channel) in Dual Mono with Class-A full-discrete output stages. Our digital team consists of highly skilled engineers who have worked years in digital design and in cooperation with our analogue team set one goal! To push the boundaries of what is possible to be achieved in digital reproduction today, with the use of cutting edge technology, very high quality components, no compromises! To create a Digital to Analogue Converter that can perform at the level of all Pilium products! A DAC beyond expectations… ELEKTRA.

Product Specifications ▾


8xAK4493 in Dual Mono

Digital Inputs  USB, S/PDIF (toslink, bnc, rca), AES/EBU (xlr), Hdmi link (future option)
Formats USB: PCM (16-32bit): 44.1-764KHz , DSD: 64/128/256/512 S/PDIF: PCM (16-24bit) 44.1-192KHz (consumer & professional format supported) HDMI: PCM (16-32bit): 44.1-764KHz, DSD: 64/128/256/512
SE Output Level 1.99Vrms @ 0dB, 100K load
Balanced Output Level 3.97Vrms @ 0dB, 200K load / 3.95Vrms @ 0dB, 10K load
Analogue Output Full Discrete
THD+N -113 dB typical (20Hz-20KHz, 44.1K@0dBFS)
THD -126 dB (1KHz, 48K@-12dBFS, XLR)
Channel Seperation >135dB (20Hz-20KHz) @24bit
SNR 126dB
Linearity ≤115dB
Display Touch screen 5.2” LED
Dimensions (WxDxH) 480x490x172 mm

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