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Cronus Monoblock


Description ▴

The evolution of the entire Divine line… After 4 years of development, we managed to further improve our Neutral, Smooth, Uncoloured, Fast and Transparent sound even more, with an ULTRA powerful amplifier stable at 0,5 ohm! No matter what loudspeaker you have, this amplifier will drive uncompromisingly any load and as a true Pilium amplifier will stay in the shadow and promote your loudspeaker’s true nature and characteristics!

Product Specifications ▾


Frequency Response (-3dB)  0.1 Hz – 125 kHz
Signal to Noise 132.6 dB
Analog Input  1 xXLR (Vin= 1.8 VRms, Zin=5KO )
Output impedance <0.1 Ω
Power Consumption (Standby) 62W
Power Consumption (Maximum) 2500W
Speaker Terminals 2 pairs
Dimensions 412x480x490mm (HxWxD)
Net Weight 120kg
Shipping Weight 145kg

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