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Description ▴

The sound of the HD PHONO is unique first because of the quality of the Cobalt hand made input transformer. This transformer bring much larger frequency bandwidth and phase integrity compare to other transformer. So you can hear lower bass impact and speed in the lower spectrum and much more life like sounds presentation. All parts was selected by specifications and by hear for the best results compare to master tape.

Product Specifications ▾

It comes with HighEnd Cobalt input transformer of 26dB of passive gain. The transformer go below 5 Hz with no phase problem.Two EF806 vacuum tubes per channel follow the transformer. Those tubes are well know for microphones used for more resolution and it is use in the famous Neumann U-67. The gain of the HD PHONO can drive the lowest MC output on the market. It is recommended to use cartridge of 4 oHm like the NAGRA MC-4 internal impedance or less.Final stage is a E88cc (6922) per channel like the HD PREAMP. That stage can be adjusted at -6dB, 0 dB or +6dB for extra gain.

Multi loading rotary switch.
You can adjusted on the fly the loading to get the best sound with your cartridge. Can be done on the remote or on a rotation nob from 30 ohm, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 110 and many more.

Come with a new HD PSU with more power for the high current needed for the HD PHONO.

4 EQ. Curve

2x RCA MC input unbalanced or balanced and 1x MM on RCA
option slots for extra input transformer or extra MM.

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