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Classic INT


Description ▴

Nagra CLASSIC INT integrated solid-state stereo amplifier Based on the acclaimed design of the Nagra CLASSIC AMP, this is a powerful integrated amplifier capable of driving the great majority of speakers on the market whilst delivering exceptional musicality. The power amp section is identical to that of the esteemed Nagra CLASSIC AMP, whereas the preamplifier section is an entirely original design by Nagra R&D that sets a new standard for an integrated amplifier. The Nagra CLASSIC INT offers a compact and simple set-up without the performance compromises that have sometimes been associated with integrated amplifiers.

Product Specifications ▾

Power 100 W rms into 8Ω
Sensitivity XLR input: Normal 2V; PRO 10V
RCA1 input: Normal 2V; High 3V
RCA 2 to 4 inputs: 2V
Bandwidth <10 Hz to 80 KHz, +0 / -3 dB
Crosstalk >70 dB
Signal to noise ratio Typically 110 dB measured in ASA A
THD+N <0.05% at 100 W
Input impedance 100 KΩ
Automatic start For input level >10 mV
Protection Overheating > +60° C (140° F)
Deactivates the amplifier DC speaker protection above ± 2.5 VDC
Consumption 400 W max
less than 1 W in standby and Auto mode
Weight 18 Kg (39 lb 10 oz)
Dimensions 350 x 277 x 165mm (15.7 x 10.9 x 6.5 inches)
Operating range 90-110 V, 110-132 V, 180-264 V: 50-60 Hz

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