Stella Extreme

$44,500.00 /pair

Description ▴

A real eye-opener of a speaker, the Stella Xtreme marries high-spec drivers and crossover with a ‘next-generation’ cabinet material and gorgeous craftsmanship. Of course, all that would count for nothing if it didn’t sound every inch the high-end floorstander, yet in this regard it truly sings. Take a little care with setup and you’ll be rewarded with open, largescale soundscapes plus best-in-breed bass and soaring highs.

Product Specifications ▾

SPECIFICATIONS Full Krion cabinet.
Tweeter: 1 x AMT Neodymium Ribbon.
Mid woofers: 2 x 6.5″ units, Proprietary cone materials.
Woofer: 1 x 6.5″ carbon fiber cone unit.
Passive crossover network with high quality Mundorf components.
Impedance: 4 Ohms.
Sensitivity: 89 dB.
Frequency response: 25 to 25k Hz.
Resonance frequency: 25 Hz.
Recommended power amplifier: >15W.


115cm high, 26cm wide, 45cm deep.
Weight without packaging: 43 Kg.


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