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Standard Silver or Matte Black


Description ▴

Rotational stability is regulated by a very advanced motor control circuit (DC/PAPST) and any remaining irregularities were largely eliminated by the use of two diametrically-opposed motors. This superb turntable may be used with a wide range of tonearms. Reference Power Supply, Black only – optional (add $9,975.00) substituted for the regular power supply – AT TIME OF TURNTABLE PURCHASE ONLY $8,825.00.

Product Specifications ▾

Total Weight 80kg / 176lbs
Platter Weight 18kg / 39.68lbs
Platter Material derlin and cast iron
Material aluminium,brass,copper,inox,broznze
Bearing Type Ceramic Ball, Inverted
Motor 2 DC
No. of tonearms 1 (second tower for $2,555.00 more)
Belt Material Rubber
Rotation Speeds 33; 45[rpm]
Power supply Yes
Glass Mat Yes
Clamp Yes
Arm tower 1 (second for $2,555.00 more)
Armboard optional (add $875)
Dimensions 620 x 350 x 400mm

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