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TELOS 800 Stereo


Description ▴

With Telos 800 high-end amplifier, you’re not just buying a device; you’re investing in a ticket to a world where music transcends the boundaries of imagination. Imagine feeling the pulse of the bass thumping through your veins, the crisp highs sending shivers down your spine, and the mid-tones caressing your senses like a gentle breeze. This isn’t just sound; this is an experience that awakens your soul.

Crafted to effortlessly drive a pair of passive loudspeakers, the Telos 800 Stereo Power Amp amplifies the audio signal from your chosen audio sources to deliver robust sound at high volumes without compromising signal integrity. To achieve the pinnacle of performance from your hifi passive speaker system, using a high-fidelity preamplifier is essential.

Product Specifications ▾


AMPLIFIER DIMENSIONS 44 W x 32 H x 45.2 D (cm) – 17.3 W x 13 H x
17.8 D (inch)
57 kg
COLOR Standard
Silver-gray with top gray ring
Silver-gray with top gold ring
Black matte with top black ring
Black matte with top gold ring
POWER SUPPLY Nominal line voltage: 115 V or 230 V, 8A slow-blow fuse
Input voltage range: +/- 10 %
3200 VA Toroidal Power Transformer
Capacitor bank: 93’600 μF
RATED POWER CONSUMPTION IEC 62368-1, 1/8 Output Power at 8 Ω: 335 W
REAR PANEL 1 x Power cord: universal socket 3 lugs
1 x Main fuse (8 A slow-blow for 115V & 230 V)
1 x Green-yellow AC earth binding post (with bridge connection)
1 x Black ground binding post (with bridge connection)
1 x Ground/Earth lift switch
4 x output binding posts (2x red & 2x black ; Left & Right speaker Output)
2 x output Goldmund speaker 4B type connector (Left & Right speaker

2 x Analogue RCA input (unbalanced connector, Left & Right)
2 x Analogue XLR input (balanced connector, Left & Right)
1 x Digital input and output RCA connectors
1 x RS232 command connector

INPUT Max level before clipping, Analogue input: 1 Vrms
Max level before clipping, Digital input: -6 dBFS
OUTPUT Max level before clipping, 1 % THD, unloaded: 170 Vpp
OUTPUT POWER Maximum power (62368-1):
· 2 x 300 Wrms on 8 Ω / 1 % THD
· 2 x 390 Wrms on 4 Ω / 1 % THD
DISTORTION IMD (SMPTE), unloaded: < 0.05 %
THD+N, unloaded: < 0.05 % from 20 Hz to 20 kHz at 30 Vrms output
OUTPUT NOISE FLOOR Analogue input terminated with RCA Shorting Caps, unloaded: < 3 μV from
20 Hz to 20 kHz
GAIN 35 dB
DYNAMIC RANGE 22 kHz measurement bandwidth (flat), true RMS unloaded: 110 dB
DAMPING FACTOR 600 at 1 kHz / 8 Ω

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