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PRANA- Active Wireless Speaker

CA$122,000.00 /pair

Description ▴

In Hindu philosophy, the sanskrit word for « life force » – Prana – is the universal sea of energy that infuses and vitalizes all matter. Prana is the breath. Without it the body can’t live. Prana – the name of the wireless loudspeaker launched in 2018 – pays tribute to our engineers who worked hard to design this exceptional piece and bring to life the musical message with a level of definition and neutrality never found before in a speaker system.
A product of the Goldmund mathematical modeling software – Proteus LS -, the Prana is an active speaker with Digital Signal Processors that include the Leonardo 2 technology (the latest version of our time alignment correction algorithm), digital crossovers, gains, and delays.

Product Specifications ▾


DRIVERS 1 x soft dome tweeter
1 x 7” medium
1 x 9” woofer
FREQUENCY RESPONSE 35 Hz > 25 kHz (-6 dB)
BASS LOAD Vent loading
Nominal range: 115 V or 230 V (+/-15%)
AMPLIFIER (BUILT-IN TELOS) Built-in 600 W Telos amplifier per side
2 x 175 W for tweeter & medium
1 x 250 W for woofer
INPUTS 1 x digital S/PDIF
1 x wireless audio
TOTAL SIZE & WEIGHT PER UNIT 48 W x 99 H x 47.6 D (cm)
80 kg per side
COLOR Black | Silver Grey | Dark Grey

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