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Brama Stereo Power Amplifier


Description ▴

Nothing lost in translation. With 600 Watts RMS of power per channel into 4 ohms (2-ohm stable), Brama Stereo Power Amplifier’s high-current, class AB lateral MOSFET output stage drives the most demanding loudspeakers with absolute conviction. What truly makes listening with Brama such a highly involving experience is not only its quantity of power, but its exceptional quality. Unraveling the finest nuances in your recordings in such a pure and effortless manner requires our wide bandwidth design, advanced PCB layout and grounding, and careful component selection and matching. Heatsink temperatures and speaker output currents are continuously monitored and protected – so you only need to focus on long-term listening enjoyment.

Product Specifications ▾

AC Mains 100-125Vac or 210-250Vac, 50/60Hz (Transformer primaries are automatically switched based on detected AC mains voltage)
Output Power (8-ohms) 350W RMS per channel
Output Power (4-ohms) 600W RMS per channel
THD+N < 0.1% (20Hz – 20kHz)
Frequency Response 5Hz – 100kHz (+/- 0.5 dB)
Signal To Noise Ratio > 100dB (20Hz – 20kHz)
Input Impedance 20k ohm
Gain 18dB / 26dB (adjustable via remote)
Output Impedance < 0.01 ohms
IEC Jack Fuse 15A, Slow Blow (5x20mm)
Product Weight 100 lbs (45 kg)
Product Dimensions (including binding posts, feet) 20.5″ width x 16.25″ depth x 8″ height (520mm x 410mm x 203mm)
Remote Dimensions 6″ x 2″ x 0.5″ (150mm x 50mm x 12.5mm)

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