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Description ▴

KALLIOPE (a.k.a. Calliope, meaning “beautiful voice”) is the eldest of the Muses, goddesses of music, song and dance in Greek mythology. Kalliope is the goddess of epic poetry and eloquence. In any audio system, there are certain points along the signal path that are more crucial than others. These are the intersections where the signal is converted from one form of energy into another. Such transformations occur when the needle of a phono cartridge traverses the micro-grooves of a vinyl record, converting kinetic energy into an electrical signal. At the opposite end of the signal path, loudspeakers must transform electrical input into acoustic output. But perhaps the most critical transformation of all is the conversion of the output of digital sources into an analogue signal, ideally without loss or distortion of any kind. Despite the lofty claims of many manufacturers, what is lost or changed at this point can never be recovered or restored.

Product Specifications ▾

Balanced analog/DAC circuit YES
Converters 2 x ES9018
Formats PCM & DSD
PCM via input 1 to 4, Fs min./max.
(Input 1-3 on Diablo 120 DAC).
(Input 2-3 on Ethos DAC)
22kHz to 192kHz
PCM via USB input, Fs min./max 32kHz to 384kHz
DSD via USB input (DSD256 and DSD 512 only on
Windows systems)
DSD64, DSD128,
DSD256, DSD512
Word Clock Sync. (max. +/-5% phase difference).
BNC input and output, 75Ohm.
Output level balanced, max 4,3Vrms
Output level single ended, max 2,15Vrms
S/N Unweighted, 20-20000hz < -115dB
Output impedance (20-20000Hz) < -118dB
Distortion (THD+N) <0,0070% @ 0dB
Channel Separation Infinite
Input impedance, balanced (AES/EBU) 110Ohm
Input impedance, single ended (SPDIF) 75Ohm
Balanced digital (AES/EBU) input 1
Single ended digital (SPDIF) inputs 3
Digital balanced output (AES/EBU) 1 x XLR (110Ohm)
Analog output impedance (20-20000Hz) 30Ohm
Balanced analog outputs, pr. channel 1 x XLR
Single ended analog outputs, pr. channel 1 x RCA
Bandwidth (-3dB), max 0 – 192kH
Size (W x H x D) cm, netto 48×13.5×38.7
Weight, netto 10.6 kg
Shipping weight and dimensions (L x W x H) 14,4 kg

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