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Gryphon Legato Legacy


Description ▴

Who would have thought just five or ten years ago that the venerable LP might actually outlive the compact disc? For many audiophiles, despite the massive digital hype of the past three decades, the LP remains by a significant margin the finest high fidelity medium ever offered for home use. Its comprehensive catalogue of titles will never be rivaled by the compact disc, which already appears to be on its way to a carefully orchestrated obsolescence. In spite of the theoretically perfect measurements of even the most basic digital audio format, we at Gryphon simply hear more music when listening to the LP. This is a good thing, considering that the number of LP’s released during the course of the last half a century will never be matched by the CD in its brief lifespan.

Product Specifications ▾

Output level balanced, max 23Vrms
Output level single ended, max 11,5Vrms
Maximum input level. 1kHz MC = 30mV
S/N Unweighted, 20-20000hz MM=86db (10mv)
S/N Weighted, A-weighted MM=90db (10mv)
Distortion (THD+N) < 0,01%
Gain MC = 30dB
Bandwidth (-3dB) RIAA=+/-0,1dB
Channel separation Infinite
Input impedance, balanced (20-20000Hz) 10Ohm – 47KOhm
Output impedance (20-20000Hz) 50Ohm
Balanced inputs, pr. channel 1 x LEMO
Balanced outputs, pr. channel 1 x XLR
Single ended outputs, pr. channel 1 x RCA
Size (W x H x D) cm, netto 2 pcs 48x13x38
Weight, netto (without optional modules) 8.5 kg, 11 kg

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