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The Westminster Royal GR, the crowning achievement of the Prestige range, combines hand built traditional compound horn loaded enclosure with the latest technological innovation in acoustical engineering. The 15” Dual Concentric™ drive unit incorporates an Alnico magnet system with an integral computer designed and manufactured reverse throat high frequency PepperPot WaveGuide™ for exceptional transient response and increased sensitivity. A hard edge’ cone surround and unique chassis earthing system deliver tight, fast and controlled bass with fluid and transparent midrange and high frequency performance of great purity. The magnificent 530 litre cabinet with its complex horn loading system delivers greatly increased efficiency with a wave front area approaching that from real instruments. Effortlessly capable of resolving truly low frequencies and the reproduction of the dramatic dynamic range of musical instruments with stunning realism, this is a true Tannoy classic.

Product Specifications ▾


Drivers Dual Concentric™ high frequency (52 mm (2”) aluminum/magnesium alloy dome with round wire voice coil). Dual Concentric™ low frequency (380 mm (15”) with paper pulp cone and twin roll impregnated fabric surround. 52 mm (2”) round wire voice coil.
Sensitivity  99 dB (2.83 V @ 1 m)
Nominal impedance 8 ohm
Minimum Impedance 5 ohm
Frequency Response (-6 dB)  18 Hz – 27 kHz
Dispersion 90 degrees conical
Crossover Frequency B200 Hz acoustical, 1.0 kHz electrical
Crossover Type Bi-wired, hard wired passive, low loss. Time compensated. 2nd order low pass. 2nd order high pass Adjustment: +/-3 dB over 1.0 kHz to 27 kHz shelving, + 2 dB to -6 dB per octave over 5 kHz to 27kHz slope
Enclosure type  Compound horn
Dimensions 55″ x 38.5″ x 22” (1395 x 980 x 560 mm)
Weight: 304 lb.

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