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Description ▴

The new 15 inch Gold Reference driver is TANNOY’s most powerful and articulate Dual to date, boasting an incredible 600 watt peak power handling and offering over 96dB efficiency in the 235 litre Canterbury GR cabinet. The legendary 15 inch Dual has been upgraded extensively for the Gold Reference series with many of the enhancements being ‘trickle-down’ technology from TANNOY’s flagship Kingdom Royal development project. The low frequency section of the GR driver has a new fibre enriched paper pulp cone material to realise further improvements in the cone’s mechanical characteristics. The cone is terminated with a twin roll surround of impregnated fabric for improved damping characteristics.

Product Specifications ▾


Recommended Amplifier Power 50 – 250 W / channel
Sensitivity  96 dB
Nominal impedance 8 ohm
Minimum Impedance 5.5 ohm
Frequency Response (-6 dB) 28 Hz – 22 kHz , ±3 dB
Crossover Frequency  1,1 kHz
Crossover Type Bi-wired, hard-wired, passive, low-loss, time and impedance compensated Type 1091
Enclosure type Variable Distributed Port
Dimensions 43.3″ x 26.77″ x 18.89″ (46.45″ x 26.77″ x 23.6″ packed)
1100 x 680 x 480 mm; (1180 x 680 x 600 mm packed)
Weight: 139 lb.

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