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Description ▴

If you are looking for the absolute lonely top and want to hear a Beethoven concert as if you were in the concert hall, then you must have heard this. The loneliness disappears and makes way for the musicians who make Beethoven sound like you only experience it during a concert. And where, for example, Audio Note can sound just a bit too rich for some, this set is just a bit drier. Just a little more polite and a little more distant (row 6 instead of row 1) but without being pointed or analytical.

Product Specifications ▾

Class Pure Class A
Power 25W / 8 Ohm
Connectors Hybrid design (Triode, BJT, Mosfet)
1 RCA Unbalanced input
1 XLR Balanced input (true balanced)
Dimensions 26×43.5×14.5h cm
Weight 14.4 Kg

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