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Description ▴

Riviera Audio Laboratories has proudly announced their new top-of-the-line products, the APL-01 SE preamplifier and the AFM-100 SE mono amplifier. Both models have been developed according to Riviera Audio Labs philosophy and are 100% produced in Italy with the best available materials and craftsmanship available. Front and back casings are machined from 70mm solid aluminum, with final finishing requiring 11 processes. The main case consist of three electromagnetically separated section for inputs, amplification and controls.

Product Specifications ▾

Class Pure Class A
Power 100W / 8 Ohm
Connectors Hybrid design (Triode, BJT, Mosfet)
1 RCA Unbalanced input
1 XLR Balanced input (true balanced
Dimensions 26×58.5×27.5h cm
Weight 35 Kg

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