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Power Two


Description ▴

The Power Two is build upon the same topol­ogy as the Int One. It’s a 200W class A/B fully balanced stereo amplifier that delivers enough power and current to control almost every speaker thrown at it. The size and heat dissipation makes it capable of fitting into almost every sort of living room environment thus helping to bring both extra aesthetics and musicality into the home. Being smaller than the Power One does, however, not mean that it has a smaller sound. Every aspect of it’s tonality bring out a soothing but clear and strong performance that helps you engulf yourself in the music.

Product Specifications ▾

Power consumption 50W (no load)
Transformer 600VA pr. channel
Capacitance 60.000 μF pr. channel
Frequency response +800kHz
THD + noise 0.01%
Input/output impedance 10 KΩ / 75 mΩ
Input sensitivity 0.7/1.4 Vrms (RCA/XLR)
Frequency response +800kHz
THD + noise 0.01%
Signal to noise ratio 100dB
Dimensions (HxWxD) 10.5 cm x 43.5 cm x 48 cm
Weight 31 kg / 83 pounds

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