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Edelweiss Series – MPS-X Digital Front End / Streamer


Description ▴

The purpose of the MPS-X is to separate digital sources from the sensitive circuits of the DAC. For this it uses: PLINK, a high quality and proprietary fiber optical link to the DAC for galvanic separation. PLINK supports all sample rates for PCM and DSD natively. PDFAS, a proprietary technology to buffer all digital inputs and dramatically reduce any clock jitter. While all our products have this technology already built in, adding a second layer in the MPS-X increases the sonic performance even more. Separate chassis with high quality linear power supply for physical separation. In addition the MPS-X provides streaming connections from the internet, network attached storage and Roon based server systems (Roon-ready), carefully removes any incoming jitter by Playback Designs’ proprietary clocking and buffering system and then encodes all data natively to either the standard Coax, AES outputs or the Playback Designs proprietary PLINK output. Bandwidth protocol than the specified limit of the media to further increase robustness against jitter.

Full support for PCM up to 384kHz and DSD up to 4x: This streamer provides direct connection to streaming services such as Tidal, Qobuz, Deezer and vTuner that can be controlled via an app on a tablet. File playback from network attached storage via DLNA and UPnP (renderer and server function). Roon end point (“Roon-ready”). With this feature any attached DAC can be integrated into a Roon based server system.

Product Specifications ▾

Digital inputs: USB (PCM up to 384kHz, DSD up to 11.2MHz), Streaming (Tidal, Qobuz, Deezer, vTuner, NAS, Roon-
ready), PLINK for all native sample rates, supports recording. AES (PCM up to 192kHz, DSD via DoP), COAX (PCM up
to 192kHz, DSD via DoP), TosLink (PCM up to 96kHz).

Digital outputs: PLINK optical, AES, COAX.


–USB compatibility with Windows, Apple OS, Linux
-Newest generation PDFAS clocking technology for
ultra low jitter performance
-Connects directly any Playback Designs DAC via PLink
-Connects to any other DAC via AES or Coax
-Recording software for file creation on computer

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