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Statement (full system)


Description ▴

NAC S1 Statement
Ultimate Preamplifier NAIMSTAT-S1 – $129,999

NAP S1R Statement
Ultimate Mono Power Amplifier NAIMSTAT-S1R – $129,999

NAP S1L Statement
Ultimate Mono Power Amplifier NAIMSTAT-S1L – $129,999

746 watts (1 Horse Power !!!) per Ch. at 8 ohms
1,450 Watts per Ch. at 4 ohms
9,000 Watts per Ch. burst power at 1 ohm
Bridge Balance Design
Zero Global feedback
Naim 009 Proprietary transistors using Aluminum Nitrite – 2 1⁄2 faster
Nano diamond compound for perfect coupling of output transistors to heatsink
Custom design solid copper buss bars Huge 4000VA transformer in separate housing and coupled to floor
Dimensions H x W x D : 37’’ x 10’’x 15’’ 222 lbs each

Crafted for pure musical performance, Statement is the pinnacle of Naim Audio engineering knowledge and artistry. The series comprises the NAC S1 preamplifier and NAP S1 mono power amplifiers.

The idea for an entirely new kind of amplifier was first conceived by our engineers over a decade ago and development began in earnest in 2011. The objective was to set a new reference standard in high-end audio and music reproduction.

The result is Statement. Three years of relentless questioning, iterative design and a point blank refusal to accept no as an answer.

Product engineers often begin with what exists already. They might ask how something can work better, or where improvements can be made. With Statement, we started with a blank sheet of paper and a vision: to create the ultimate amplifier.

After the initial concept stage the engineering team set aside practical considerations and began to map out the product in free space. This creative freedom was then backed up by 3D computer models which confirmed the optimum position for each component.

Product Specifications ▾

Audio Inputs
Analogue Input 1 x XLR (each)
Audio Outputs
Audio Outputs Binding posts for spade & 4mm banana
Power Output 746W into 8 ohms, 1450W into 4 ohms, 9kW burst power into 1 ohm
Weight 101kg (each)
Dimensions (HxWxD) 940 x 256 x 383mm (each)
Audio Inputs
Analogue Input 3 X DIN, 3 X RCA, 2 X Balanced
Audio Outputs
Audio Outputs 1 X Balanced, 2 X Unbalanced (4 pin DIN sockets)
Weight 61.5kg
Dimensions (HxWxD) 940 x 270 x 412mm (width includes stabiliser)

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