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NAP 250


Description ▴

The iconic Naim amplifier

First appearing in 1975, the NAP 250 power amplifier has become an iconic product. Its aesthetic and technical evolution has ensured its sustained first-rate performance over the years, creating unforgettable musical experiences.

The new sixth generation model delivers more power than ever. Its ultra-modern technology provides unrivalled performance and system flexibility. Designed in Salisbury in the United Kingdom, it can be paired with the loudspeakers of your choice to deliver outstanding listening sessions.

Product Specifications ▾

Damping factor into 8 36
Signal to noise ratio ref 100W 8 A-weighted 111dB
Signal to noise ratio ref 1W 8 A-weighted 91dB
Input signal for clipping 1V RMS
Peak current into 1 (1kHz 1mS) +/-28 amps peak (780W peak power)
Burst power 2 300 Watts 2 @1% THD+N  (1kHz for 20mS, repeat 500mS IHF)
Audio Inputs 2 x True balanced via XLR, 47k
34k singled ended via legacy adaptor lead
Audio Outputs
Crosstalk 60 dB
THD + N at 2/3rds full power 8 @1kHz (0.013%)
Power Output 100 Watts 8 @0.1% THD+N (100W @0.1%)
190 Watts 4 @1% THD+N
Frequency Response -3dB @ 1.4Hz to 100kHz
Gain +29 dB
Weight 37.04lbs (16.8kg)
Dimensions (HxWxD) 35/8x17x121/2″ (9.15×43.2×31.75cm)
Mains Supply 115V or 230V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption Passive consumption: 26W (idle)
Standby consumption: <0.5W
Product Type
Type Power Amplifier

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