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Model 505


Description ▴

The Moonriver Audio 505 phono stage meets all the needs of any demanding audiophile who loves vinyl records, both now and in the future. Designed with audiophiles, record collectors and vinyl freaks in mind, it boasts 4 inputs for all your turntables, tonearms and cartridges. It also supports every possible adjustment on the fly with dedicated knobs and switches to ideally match your MC or MM cartridge.

Product Specifications ▾


Inputs 4 (Line 1 RCA or XLR, Line 2 to Line 4 RCA)
Outputs 3 (2 RCA, 1x XLR)
Minimum gain 34dB
Maximum gain 72 dB
Capacitance values 100, 220, 330, 470, 680pF
MC load impedance 10, 47, 100, 470, 1KΩ and custom
MM load impedance 22K, 47K, 75KΩ
De-emphasis curve curve: RIAA and Decca or Columbia
Dimensions (mm) 430 (W) x 390 (D) x 135 (H)
Weight 12 kg

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