LM-34 IA  EL34 Integrated


Description ▴

Forty watts per channel, Class AB Integrated Stereo Amplifier with EL34 output power tubes, 12AX7 and 12AU7 input tubes. Standard with EL34 output tubes. Want to enjoy some other types of power tubes? That is why we have tube selector here. Different from other inputs Pre-In offers you a possibility to connect to some other Preamplifier so that you can the LM-34IA as a power amplifier. Specially designed EI transformers for power supply and two EI output transformers with wide bandwidth are applied. Hand made construction with the finest point-to-point wiring and special audiphiles components has carefull been selected by our designers.

Product Specifications ▾

Class AB amplifier
Power 2x40W RMS
THD 1% (1kHz)
Signal/Noise ratio 88dB (Weighted A)
Frequency response (-1.5dB) 10 – 50.000 Hz
Sensitivity 200 mV (Mode intégré)
Input Impedance 100kΩ
Load impedance for HP to connect 4/8Ω
Connectors 3x Line inputs RCA (pair)
1x Pré-in input
2x Screw terminals compatible with banana plugs

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